1. To what faction did the test indicate you belong?

– Abnagation

2. Do you agree or disagree with the results? Why or why not?

– I ┬ádisagree because I think I have more than just one trait. Unlike the movie, our society is more open, and growing up in a multicultural society definitely helps form a more divergent personality with a little bit of each trait.

3. Which democratic principles does the concept of the movie violate? Choose at least two. Explain your answer with concrete examples.

– One principle the movie violates is concencus. It violates this because not all of the groups nessicarily agree with decisions being made.

  • Another principle the movie violates is the rule of law because every one is treated differently according to what group they are in. Also, the Erudites are treated in a higher power because the main lady that controls the dauntless group towards the end of the movie is involved with that group. Basically, the Erudites are treated above the law compared to the others which violates that principle.